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Are you successfully exploiting all the potential within your channel business?

COMPRiS is all about recognising and successfully exploiting this potential. COMPRiS' entire raison d’etre is therefore to enable the leading manufacturers in the ICT industry to identify new and untapped potential and successfully exploit it.

5 Step Approach

  • 1
    Step 1 Channel Check-up

    Struggling to develop a 'through channel' go-to-market strategy? Or not sure how your channel management strategy measures against your competitors? With the help of our Channel Management Model, we will analyse your current channel management setup, strategy, tactics and implementation. This outside-in analysis will look at more than 150 channel indicators that are relevant in channel management. Based on our Channel Check-up and channel management review, we will produce a customised SWOT analysis of your current channel management and identify how channel ready your organisation is. We examine your channel management setup from both internal and external/partners’ point of view. The result of the analysis will include solutions & recommendations for fully optimising your channel potential and partner relationship management.  


    These sound familiar? 
    'What do channel partners really think of our channel?'

    Unsure how to develop a 'through channel' go-to-market strategy 

    Lacking strategic growth plans with key/top partners

    Partner program is not as effective as competitors' programs

    Missing a structured process & guidelines for efficient partner management

    We offer tailored solutions to support you! Contact us for more details!


    Channel Check-up & Strategy

    Business Partner Planning

    Partner Lifecycle

    Partner Programs

    Partner Advisory Council

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    Step 2 Channel Story

    A channel story is a unique way for IT vendors to present their story and value proposition to the channel. A unified message will drive one voice to the partner. Clearly defined value-adds will aid partners in articulating the values to their clients and enable them to sell better & faster. Partners also find marketing collateral helpful when convincing clients of a particular product/solution. Along with a communication strategy, we will produce a One-Pager for channel partners, incorporating the channel story, objection handling, value proposition, roadmap and solutions vs market trends. 


    These sound familiar? 

    Lacking a unified value proposition

    Missing a consistent story to the channel

    Partners struggle with objection handling and articulating the value-adds 

    We offer tailored solutions to support you! Contact us for more details!


    Channel Story

  • 3
    Step 3 Channel Segmentation

    How can you build channel revenues with the help of your channel partners? Which partners are the right partners to grow with? How many partners are there in your target market? Channel Segementation & Potential Analysis is fundamental for identifying existing channel potentials and setting yourself up to succeed. Clear channel segmentation and partner ecosystem profiling provides the necessary insights for strategic decision-making and future partner capacity planning. It is important to find the right channel partners to ensure future growth in existing & new markets. 


    COMPRiS examines hard and soft factors when analysing the potential in a target market or product/solution portfolio. Existing, dormant, potential and competitive partners are analysed and qualified to determine the partner cluster for best possible market coverage. We will score the partner potential into our Partner Potential Matrix, allowing for prioritised partner recruitment. Our Channel Research is utilised to get a better understanding of competitive landscape or partner attitudes towards a specific product/solution. The insights prove valuable when determining long-term roadmaps. 


    These sound familiar? 
    Don't understand full market potential in existing & new markets/verticals

    Lacking new, future-oriented partners

    Missing competitive analysis and channel perception of competition

    We offer tailored solutions to support you! Contact us for more details!


    Channel Research

    Partner Profiling

  • 4
    Step 4 Partner Recruitment Campaign

    One of our main goals within Channel Management is to make sure you have sufficient number of ‘right’ partners in your partner set. This can only be reached if you know the full potential in your channel; to effectively recruit a partner can take up to 9 months, so it's important to focus on the right partners from the start. Partner recruitment in saturated markets can be a challenge, therefore we place focus on recruiting partners compatible with your product/solution portfolio, and partners who fulfill your requirements and best partner profile. After identifying the potential and alaysing the buying centers we will generate interest amongst customers and partners and convince the right partners with targeted promotions to join the journey as a new business partner.


    These sound familiar? 
    Channel partners focus on their existing portfolio, portfolio extension is not in the scope

    Partners unwilling to incur initial costs of changing vendor landscape

    Insufficient demand and lead generation

    We offer tailored solutions to support you! Contact us for more details!


    Partner Recruitment

    Vendor Channel Campaigns

  • 5
    Step 5 Channel Growth Coverage

    Efficient partner relationship management requires proactive engagement with channel partners, supporting them at every stage of the partner lifefcycle. Different stages of the lifecycle can pose different challenges; to convince, recruit, onboard, enable and develop channel partners takes time. Providing differentiated and targeted communication to ALL partner levels is important when pushing for incremental growth. Standardising billing & payment processes will allow for quick backend payments to partners, keeping them satisfied and motivated to sell your product/solution portfolio. 


    COMPRiS Growth Coverage Model is geared towards driving partner turnover by building regular buying partners & ultimate partner loyalty, both from a quantitative and qualitative aspect. Through regular training sessions we increase partners' awareness of your product/solution portfolio and optimise partners' product knowledge.  


    These sound familiar? 
    Unmanaged partners not developed to their full potential

    No proactive engagement & support for Tier 2 and Tier 3 partners throughout partner lifecycle

    Missing targeted communication to ALL partner levels

    Lacking standardised approach to backend payments

    Channel sales performance is not transparent due to inconsistent sales out reporting structures

    We offer tailored solutions to support you! Contact us for more details!


    Partner Management
    Channel Marketing / Value Communication
    Business Process Management
    Channel Measurement