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Training offered by IT vendor for the partners – What is important for the partners when it comes to training?

Our February publication of the Channel Facts

  • Training offered by IT vendor for the partners – What is important for the partners when it comes to training?


IT vendors have different objectives when they offer training to their channel partners. This includes providing partners with the understanding of market needs, raise awareness about new market trends and simultaneously give them a chance to qualify for new products and solutions. Furthermore, an important aspect of training is for partners to be able to acquire product certifications. Training thus represent a key element in the relationship of IT vendors and partners.


COMPRIS has researched the subject ‘IT vendor training offering’ to find out what resellers think about training offering, and which aspects are of particular importance for the resellers. We interviewed 493 systems integrators and resellers to find out the following:

•    What should be offered by IT vendors as a part of training?
•    What motivates partners to do certification training?
•    What are the components that should be part of training but currently are not offered by IT vendors?

The main reason why the partners participate in training is to take advantage of the IT vendor specific offering and the benefits that it brings to the partners

The results of our study show that the main reason for partners to participate in training is to use vendor-specific benefits (24%). 19% of the participants would do training in order to appear more competent in front of their customers and 16% thought that training would provide them with a better basis when it comes to customer communication. If the VARs focus on a particular product or solution then they would aim to complete training that goes together with their portfolio. 10% participate in training because they need to know the IT vendor requirements in order to sell the products whereas 8% believe that through training they can achieve an increase in sales.

Overall, 8% of survey participants do not participate in training. 5% of the participants have no time whereas 3% are not interested.


Chart 1: Reasons why the partners participate in trainingChart 1: Reasons why the partners participate in training


Most of the time the partners don’t know how to communicate when it comes to their customers or competitors

We asked resellers and system integrators which important components are not included in their training offering. Approximately 26% of the survey participants indicated that they miss information on how to position their products and services when they talk to the end-users and 24% indicated they are not trained on how to show the products of the IT vendor in a favorable light compared to the competition. 9% of the participants lack training on project management, and information about their main contacts and their areas of responsibility. 8% of the VARs find that training doesn’t provide them with enough technical knowledge about products and solutions. 5 % would benefit from a one-pager and short information about the entire product portfolio and the compatibility of the products and services with other products and services of the IT vendor as well as competition. 4% are interested in training that includes information on licensing models and software applications as well as USP and benefits.

Other missing training components include:

  • information about the implementation (3%)
  • information about maintenance of the implemented solutions (1%)
  • Saas: Information about licensing and delivery models (1%)


Chart 2: Missing components in IT vendor training                         Chart 2: Missing components in IT vendor training

Contact people & areas of their responsibility as well as communication fundamentals are important components of IT vendor training

The main component, that should be included in an IT vendor training from the partners’ point of view, is information about contacts and areas of their responsibility. This information is important for 21% of the participants. 18% of the participants require communication and positioning guidelines when they talk to the end-users or position themselves against the competitors (17%).

8% of the surveyed partners require technical information for products and solutions as well as training on project management. For 7% of the surveyed systems integrators and resellers a one-pager and brief information about the entire portfolio is an important component of training whereas 6% of the respondents find it important that benefits and USP are communicated to them during training.

Other important training components for partners include:

  • Compatibility with other products of the IT vendor (4%)
  • Application and licensing model for software products (4%)
  • Information about the implementation (4%)
  • Information about maintenance of the implemented solutions (2%)
  • Licensing & Delivery Models (SaaS) (1%)


Chart 3: importnat components of It vendor training from partners point of view

Chart 3: importnat components of It vendor training from partners point of view


Proving training is an important factor to position vendor and product benefits to the partners. The main reasons why systems integrators and resellers participate in IT vendor training is that they want to know about the IT vendor’s USP. Relevant information can assist partners in sales and when they consult their customers. Training has to be customized and take into consideration partner expectation and expectation of their target groups. It is very important to provide partners with all the relevant information.

The results show that training is often not based on the scenarios, the partners encounter in the market. Therefore it is valuable for IT vendors to review the course content to make sure all the relevant criteria are reasonably covered.

Training is an essential component in the It vendor and partner relationship and requires considerable investments from both parties. Based on our survey results it seems that a review of training content is essential especially when it comes to the points specified below:


  • Partner focus / how can partner adjust to different IT scenarios
  • Added value and product benefits from the partner perspective
  • Contact people for the partners and their areas of responsibility in the IT vendor organization
  • Information on how to position products and services with the end-users
  • Implementation and technical project management


Further information about partner training requirements are available on request.