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Partner Sales - IBM

Partner sales – recruitment, onboarding, enablement & development for IBM Hardware

IBM HW’s challenges stemmed from complexity of their products and poor understanding of their USP by the partners. IBM HW lacked a powerful Channel Story for their SMB partners and struggled with positioning itself in the SMB market both with existing channel partners and potential partners.

The objectives included building a successful transactional business with existing and new channel partners as well as making sure the partners understood IBM HW’s value proposition.

In the first step COMPRiS defined a potential partner set. We set up an Inside Sales Team to support IBM HW and implemented COMPRiS’ own PRM system to include new and potential partners. COMPRiS then qualified and clustered the channel partners and developed potential buying partners through rigorous, proactive account management and measurable KPIs.

As a result, we increased partner awareness of IBM HW’s channel story with existing and new partners by following COMPRiS partner lifecycle methodology and applying a personalised approach providing all partners with a personal touch point within IBM. We reached recruitment targets for new partners (e.g. recruited 700 partners per quarter for System X) and fully achieved our agreed revenue targets.