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Partner Programs from a Channel Perspective


Partner programs play a fundamental part in helping manufacturers build a relationship with their partners.  The main goal for the manufacturer is to tie the partner closely to their offering thereby aligning the focus of the partner to correspond with the direction of the manufacturer.


COMPRiS carried out a survey during May and June, where 425 system integrators and resellers (infrastructure, network, software and hardware) where asked on their thoughts about partner programs, the questions focusing on:  


1.       Which manufacturer has the best partner program from your point of view?

2.       In your opinion, what is the most important reason for preferring one partner program over another? 

Which manufacturer has the best partner program from your point of view?

Results of the survey show over a quarter of respondents (29%) could not spontaneously name a manufacturer with the best partner program.



The highest spontaneously recommended partner programs were Microsoft and HP (both at 11%). 8% of respondents would recommend the partner program from Terra/Wortmann and 5% named Adobe. The graph below summarises quoted manufacturers:


© COMPRiS Ltd, July 2013

© COMPRiS Ltd, July 2013


The most important elements of a partner program - personal support and financial benefits!

Personal interaction with the manufacturer and financial gains associated with a partner program were primarily seen as the most important components of a partner program.


35% of respondents valued personal support and easy interaction with a competent partner, whilst financial benefit such as improved margins emerged as the most important element for 15% of respondents. Other reasons quoted included: 


© COMPRiS Ltd, July 2013

© COMPRiS Ltd, July 2013


Conclusion: Lead generation is no longer the main focus

The results of the study show that channel partners view partner programs as equally strong. Only a few partner programs were viewed as industry leading, and over a quarter of surveyed partners couldn’t recommend a partner program from a manufacturer on the spot.


The partner programs from Microsoft, HP and Terra/Wortmann were the most recommended by the respondents, whilst there was no noticeable preference between the remaining manufactures named in the survey.


System integrators and resellers highlighted access to competent personnel of the manufacturer as the one of the most important elements in partner programs. Personal contact and quick response time were rated the highest, therefore it is advisable for manufacturers to focus on supporting their partners through their employees.


Lead generation did not emerge as an expectation from a partner program, getting only marginal mention from respondents.



When comparing results to a similar study COMPRiS conducted in 2012, there appears to be no fundamental changes in partners’ expectations from manufacturers. From a channel perspective, the personal contact and the financial benefits remain the most important aspects of a partner program.