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Partner Profiling - Trend Micro

Channel Segmentation and Potential Analysis for Trend Micro

Trend Micro introduced a new product Deep Discovery in the area of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). They wanted to find new partners who were able to sell this new product.

COMPRiS deliverables included defining a ‘best partner’ profile and finding, identifying and qualifying new partners for Trend Micro.

COMPRiS’ powerful Web Analyser search engine leverages up to 140 keywords per search and uncovers both new and existing partners within any given search area. We then matched the data against Trend Micro’s partner database and cleansed the results. Our sales team’s mandate was then to qualify and access the partners willingness to work together with the IT vendor and if they have channel potential.

During the project we conducted phone interviews with potential channel partners in the UK of which 91 interviews were completed. 91 partners have been classified based on the COMPRiS potential matrix: - 39 A-Partners - 26 B-Partners - 12 C-Partners

These results allowed Trend Micro to proceed with the next step of recruiting the selected partners in a rigorous and methodical manner.