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Digital Signage – Opportunities for the future


Digital signage has been an emerging concept in recent years. Traditionally, the term has been used to mean displays and screens, but today the meaning extends far beyond that – the term digital signage also refers to all targeted preparation and presentation of media content.


Digital signage is widespread nowadays and used in many different areas, proving particularly effective in the area of targeted advertising. Major growth opportunities have been identified for digital signage – not only in the area of displays but also in service and partner management fields.


COMPRiS conducted a recent study where 320 partners (resellers and system integrators) were asked on their perception of digital signage, the questions focusing on:



1.       How do you see demand for digital signage solutions evolving in 2013?

2.       Where do your customers use these solutions?

3.       Where is the trend for digital signage heading in 2013?



The three key findings emerging from the survey are:


1.  Rising demand for digital signage in 2013


From the 320 surveyed partners, 57% view digital signage as significantly important and expect an increase in demand. 31% of respondents thought demand will remain the same whilst only 12% predicted a decline in demand for 2013. 


2.  Conference rooms and point of sale most important locations for utilization of digital signage solutions


When asked where customers use digital signage solutions the most, 41% of resellers and system integrators ranked conference facilities in first place, followed by point of sale with 38%. Other significant locations mentioned were exhibitions (30%), reception area (25%) and airport/railway station (18%). Full results summarised in below graph:



© COMPRiS Ltd, June 2013© COMPRiS Ltd, June 2013


 3.    The emerging trend for 2013 is digital signage will replace projectors in conference rooms


Where is the development of digital signage heading in 2013? 44% of the surveyed resellers and system integrators indicate digital signage will replace projectors in conference facilities whilst 30% see an evolution towards wireless solutions. 12% see remote solutions as an emerging focus area.


Conclusion and Recommendations


The results of this study show digital signage is still of great importance and in rising demand. Conference facilities and point of sale emerge as the main locations where digital signage solutions are used, and various studies support the effectiveness of digital signage at point of sale.


In recent years manufacturers have focused on providing complete solutions to the channel in the field of digital signage. This will be useful in the future for keeping specialized retail partners interested in their solutions. Consultancy solutions around digital signage create new opportunities for focused retail partners - installation, maintenance or delivery of content offer attractive margins for partners.


Even though digital signage is widely used and well adopted, manufacturers must innovate new fields and provide facilities devoted to offering sales support for future partners focusing on digital signage if they want to remain competitive on the market.