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Attitudes towards cloud-based solutions from Top 30 IT resellers in UK


COMPRiS Channel Management conducted a recent survey with the Top 30 IT resellers in the UK to understand the attitudes of partners towards cloud-based solutions.

Is cloud really that relevant or is it just a hype created by the industry?



With 94% of respondents selling cloud-based solutions, cloud is certainly making an impact in the IT world. When the IT resellers were asked how important/relevant is cloud for their business, 82% felt it was very relevant, with a further 18% considering it relevant. 



The contributions of cloud to the overall IT reseller business varies; half of the respondents mentioned 11-25% of their business comes from cloud-based solutions. Full results are displayed in the graph below:


@ COMPRiS Ltd, 2014

@ COMPRiS Ltd, 2014


The IT resellers feel well-equipped to sell cloud-based solutions: 67% describe their situation as excellent, 22% as good and 11% as average. The role vendors play in educating partners to sell cloud-based solutions is deemed important, but not all partners are satisfied with the support they get from vendors. The following graph demonstrates a mixture of attitudes towards vendor support:


@ COMPRiS Ltd, 2014

@ COMPRiS Ltd, 2014


COMPRiS dug deeper to understand what vendors could do better in enabling a partner’s cloud business, and the responses ranged from providing more/better training (22%) to more synergy between the two parties (33%) and better commercial offers (11%). Surprisingly enough, none of the partners mentioned better collateral, more/better leads or better technical support.


Concerns over security breaches in the cloud seem to divide the partner community. When COMPRiS asked the TOP 30 IT resellers how concerned they are on a scale of 1-5 (5 being very concerned) with security breaches in the cloud, the response was very mixed. 71% of the respondents gave it a 3 or higher, whilst 29% gave it only a 1. 


The UK partners are very optimistic about growth potential with their cloud business. 38% of partners expect over 50% growth in their cloud business in 2014, full results summarised below:


@ COMPRiS Ltd, 2014@ COMPRiS Ltd, 2014




Cloud is most certainly more than just a hype in the IT industry. Whilst most surveyed partners feel well-equipped to sell cloud-based solutions, attitudes towards vendor support vary, and not all partners are appreciative of the support they get from vendors. The trend seems to be partners would like to see more synergy from vendors, that extends throughout the opportunity lifecycle.

Even though concerns about security in the cloud is very mixed, IT resellers still have high growth expectations for their cloud business in 2014. The future of cloud remains to be seen, but there appears some consensus from the partner community for a utility-type model to emerge in the next few years.